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Reading for the Collective

Hello everyone! I haven't done much on here for awhile because well, life gets in the way sometimes. Here is a three card draw for whomever it resonates with.

With the Tower we see some unexpected changes happening. You may not see it coming and when it does it will happen fast. Change isn't all bad. In this instance it is going to bring about a feeling of completion and satisfaction. The World reversed brings that feeling of completion and satisfaction internally. It may not be something that you are quite ready to share outwardly yet, perhaps you are waiting for the right moment to share your accomplishments. The Page of Cups reversed, again shows that inward energy. This time it has you feeling that all of this is hard to believe. See the flying pig on the card. Don't get too carried away with how you are feeling because it is possible that you could be a little over sensitive or maybe a little childish. Take some time with those feelings before sharing them just to make sure. The Pages are the most inexperienced and childlike of the court cards.

Thank you ❤️

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